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Welcome to the BodiKore family! Congratulations on getting here and taking the initiative to help better the lives of people all around through a healthy lifestyle. We recognize the sacrifice and commitment you are about to undertake in your pursuit to help, support, and sustain, a healthy way of living. We are proud to have you apart of the BodiKore family and culture, and welcome you with, strong arms, compassion and an abundance of support. Let’s goal up and speak it, into existence. With inspiration and dedication, we will venture into a space of absolute achievement and enlightenment. We look forward to working with you and your customers as they reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Together as a team we will achieve. Let’s get you started!


Independent Sales Associate


BodiKore ‚Äč

  • BodiKore ISA Membership
  • preferred ISA Pricing
  • Opportunity to share and generate revenue on products sold*
  • BodiKore, KetoKore System
  • Back Office suite(15 day free trial)
According to Compensation Plan and Member Terms & Policies

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