BodiKore Testimonials


"No energy, No Motivation! No Action Adventures with my family! Always making excuses, to not do something. I wanted to make a change, I needed support. Here's my success so far, If I can, you can. 315lbs to 245lbs, 44 inch waist to 38 inch. Shout out to BodiKore, so I can chase my dreams, chase who I am. Thanks to the people that have helped me out. Got me on this support system through BodiKore. Thank you so much. That to me is a testimony right there! So, thank you!


"I have done the ketogenic diet both with, and without BodiKore supplements. The reason I believe so strongly about BodiKore, is because it took "eating keto" from a fast way for me to lose baby weight, to a fully sustainable way of eating. BodiKore (for me) allows flexibility in a diet that otherwise has none."


"I feel AMAZING when I’m in ketosis I have energy that I normally wouldn’t have I know I’m not going to have a crash at the end of the day. Another thing I love about being in ketosis I’m not starving when I wasn’t in ketosis I was always hungry and the fact that I feel amazing because I’m not stuffing my body full of junk. Thank you BodiKore!"


"My Journey with BodiKore; As I continued to gain weight, I went from 185 to 205. My wife, who is really physically fit started noticing it, calling me out basically. As I kept going through the motions, giving myself excuses, why I'm gaining weight. I started talking to James and David. They both brought this new Ketosis diet to me. What's it going to hurt and so I started on a Monday. That first week I lost 10 pounds, from 206 to 196. I was pretty impressed with myself, just doing exactly what David and James were telling me to do. Second week I dropped to 190, three and a half weeks down to 187, 2 pounds away from my goal weight, 185. I'm feeling good, I have the energy. With the BodiKore system I feel like I have the support that I need to continue to do it and keep a healthy lifestyle. BodiKore has really changed my life and changing the way I do stuff and becoming a lifestyle versus just a fad diet. It's life changing, thanks."


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